#001 Number One Secret to Collect Courage and Carry on in Your Business

September 25, 2020

I’m so glad you’re here!

When I think about the number one skill and resource I needed to make my complete transformation and carry on in life despite huge changes. There is one key point standing out: Courage.

Being brave and show up for myself when I need it the most. Trusting in my ability to create what I want even though the surrounding is scary. Courage has been the factor that pulled me through.

Maybe you found my blog through my weekly newsletter, google or any other social plattform and if you are here I believe you have an honest interest and are curious on how to create more courage for yourself.

I’ll take you there.

First of all I need to tell you a story and walk back to a very important part of my life where courage basically saved my life. Sounds like I am going out with big promises here? Oh yes I am.

For many of you who knows me and my story certainly know I live life today on one leg. But for those of you who don’t, now you know 🙂 I wasn’t born with one leg but lost it at an age of 22. (2011)

I had my entire future in front of me. I was certain of my goals. Very naive about basically everything and an hopeless optimistic person. I though nothing bad could happen to me. I was immune, right?

Devastating diagnoses, chaos, trauma and all that: it was never going to happen to me.

Caroline Mohr speaker

Soon I found out, I was running hard into a stone brick wall. Metaphorically speaking 🙂

I had just turned golf professional when I, a month later survived the biggest earthquake in New Zeelands history. Followed by a cancer diagnose eight weeks after. The only option to save my life was to amputate my leg. In a period of a couple of seconds, my life vanished before my eyes. Everything I believed was going to happen to me in my bright and shiny future was suddenly just … G O N E .

Many of us experienced the same kind of feeling when Corona hit the world early this year. Dreams crushed, life threatened and a future that certainly seem more uncertain and unreal than we’d all expected it to be. You already know this.

A few days ago I was out shopping new face masks when it suddenly hit me, – I never in life thought I would be shopping face masks! But here I am, here we are. Managing our life, adapting to the changes. This is the truth.

Even we humans resist changes for most of the time, we actually have an incredible skill to adapt and bounce back. We are resilient to our nature. We ALL have this skill inbuilt in our system. Some of us have practiced it more, some less. The pandemic limit our travel and going places, which may leave us feeling rather separate. On the other hand: it also brings us together. We can relate to the same events and we can find common grounds. 

Caroline Mohr Keynote speaker Prosthetic Golf
Caroline Mohr speaker

Maybe you had everything planned out for 2020 and because of the changes the future is now cloudy and unknown. It can feel a little bit like jumping from a plane not knowing if your parachute is going to pull out or not.

Believe me. You have a parachute. It is there for you.

When we step into the white unwritten space. Where the external events may have challenged or wiped out our plans for the moment, it means one thing: there is space to create new and carry on. For this we need courage and I’ll share my #1 Secret (which is not going to be a secret anymore) of how I did it.

Everything in my life was gone when I got my cancer diagnosis, my life had become a white space. 

I needed to C R E A T E  new. I had no idea how to live life as a one legged. I had no idea how to shop food on one leg. I had no idea how I would do clothes shopping. Deal with people looking. Will my arms make it jumping on crutches? Can I wear a fake leg?

The monkey mind of mine had thousands of questions and easily I could have bought the ticket to the fear train. But this is not the strategy that will give me or even you the best quality of life. No.  Buy the ticket to the courage train.

I challenge my thoughts saying this out loud,

  • ”I will go food shopping in a couple of weeks again”
  • ”I will buy clothes like usual again”
  • ”I will wear a fake leg”
  • ”I will have strength to walk with crutches”
  • “I will play golf again”

Of course I had NO answers of how I would do it. But I said these sentences with absolute certainty and slowly a new picture of my future started to appear. That created curiosity and I decided to remain open for the strategy of ”how” it was going to work out. Many, actually millions of people have no clue on how to create projects, run a business, run a marathon, go on a new date…. but they do it ANYWAY! This is the secret I share with so many others and I am sure you already use this in your life today. To take action with absolutely certainty that you will find the answer along the journey. This is the secret. The intention to put yourself out there, ready for the challenge (even if it doesn’t feel that way), but you make yourself feeling ready. One strategy to do that is talking to yourself alike the sentences I wrote down above. 

Now I invite you to use the secret more consciously. Take action before your monkey mind stops you and says ”you have no clue”, ”aha, and how are you going to do it?”. It’s okey not to know, that’s part of the discovery and experiment of truly finding out where you passion lies and also the place where true courage is built.

No matter the step you are about to make. Do it now. I’m here with you, every step of the way.