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“Everyone left inspired, impressed and with tangible actions on “re-framing”. It was clear that this was a presentation which she had put a lot of time into and wasn’t just a template approach. Her delivery was excellent. “



Maximize your potential by Going Pro

Discover your inner drive and learn to set meaningful goals. Identify successful strategies and become more motivated and engaged in what you do.

This speech is perfect when you want to raise motivation within your organisation. 

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Win the mental game with a world class mindset

A lecture on how to get a strong mindset in world class by improving your attitude and the ability to bounce back from challenges. Focus on the right things, grow your integrity and strengthen your inner belief of what you can do.

This speech fits perfectly when you are undergoing or facing a change.

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Fear Less – Live Mohr

A lecture designed for breaking through your comfort zone: get curious about the energy in fear and empower yourself to move through your challenge, give yourself perspective and increase good team work with the help of compassion.

This speech fits perfectly when you are facing a change or/and want to build a better team.

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