#002 How to reach work life balance?

Oktober 2, 2020

Want to feel flow in work-life balance every single day?

In this article I will teach you my own three simple jet powerful ways to make time your best friend, so you can get rid of stress and enjoy a fully packed day with ease. 
Practice these work-life balance exercises often and you’ll be able to:

— Improve your mood and shortcut your way to happiness
— Convert stress into ease easily

So, ready to get rid of chaotic stressful days and become the balanced person you know? It’s time to continue this read 🙂
Transform hard, stressful days, shortcut your way to happiness and ease with these 3 exercises:

When stress get’s to your head, your thoughts fly through the air faster than you can react. In a millisecond it feels like you need to obey their next move and whoops, you are mindtrapped!
This exercise let you step out of it F A S T. Set your timer to five minutes. Start to ramble out everything you hear in your mind, say every sentence out loud and do it as fast as possible.
I know I know, you might think: why?
Shall I give attention to thoughts that DO NOT give me energy?

In this case, yes we give it some space.

The actual point is not making them grow bigger but letting them out of your system. With every thought you think and in this exercise, say out loud, the idea is to leave them behind as you say it. You can’t suppress thoughts that are already there, but you can actively choose to let them go. So what I am teaching you right now is to acknowledge it’s existence and move on. 

Key for this exercise: As you do this exercise, it’s important to say the thoughts out loud. That helps you let go being in control, not controlled by your thoughts.

Whatever thoughts you said out loud during these five minutes, it should give you more awareness of your patterns and knowledge of that thoughts do not control you, you are in control. This is a great efficient way to improve your mood and build a shortcut to happiness.

I get it, your days easily turn into a hectic race where everything you do feels like managing, instead of living. Please don’t forget you are here to live and actually enjoy what you do. I know, not everything in your job or private life is always fun. It’s okey, it’s part of life to also deal with things that are further away from your top interests.

Many people run around crazy busy, unfulfilled and no time for what makes them feel good. That’s the reason why it’s essential to plan your days and weeks making space for what actually brings you work-life balance. Most people actually do not really know what work-life balance mean for them! It’s different for all of us. So what does that mean for you?
How can you know that you are there where you want to be if you didn’t define what it is? Without clarifying this for yourself, you will continue to run around in circles not knowing. So let’s get down to business now!

What makes you feel work-life balance on a daily basis?

Make a list right now, in your phone, on a receipt, piece of paper – whatever, just do it. Write down all the things that brings you this experience, from small things like taking a shower, planning out the week ahead, schedule some you time, spend more time with family, taking longer walks, read, meditate, time away from your phone, space for interests, do efficient work.
Maybe you don’t know what contributes to your work-life balance, but if you did: what would it be?

Key intention for this exercise: I know it can be hard to identify what is work life balance to you, it’s okey not to have all the answers straight out of the gate. Let it take some time, add more to your list as you go and experiment what brings you the highest sense of balance.

What is the very first thing you are advised to do if the air pressure in an airplane would drop meanwhile flying?
The stewardess say it loud and clear: Put on your own mask first before helping others.
This sentence is so true for basically everything in life, you truly can’t help anyone else if you are not okey first, you can’t manage a hectic day remaining calm if you don’t set yourself up to the right state. You can’t think clear, work or interact on a higher level if you don’t take care of your basic needs such as food and sleep. You couldn’t advance in your work field without making sure you learn from your previous experiences, show up, educate yourself or talk to your boss (if you have one) to enhance your responsibility.

In the first exercise you learned how to let go of stressful thoughts. In the second exercise you identified what work-life balance is for you. Now, it is time to put exactly that into your schedule. Before anything else!

For many people and maybe for you too, this means making a small or larger shift. But I tell you, the reward is generous. Not only do you set yourself up for success, you also respect your happiness and will be able to provide far greater results, clear communication and prioritize the most important aspects of your life. 

“Life isn’t a business to be managed, it’s a mystery to be lived”. – Osho

So now, choose one of the activities that you wrote down and ask yourself: What would you have to do daily/weekly in order to fulfill that need of yours?
I recommend to schedule a timeframe of at least 30 min per day which you make into your non-negotiable time. This is where you execute and fulfill your need every day.

Key intention for this exercise: To reach your work-life balance it is extremely important to respect your choices and make the scheduled time non-negotiable. Remember, you do this for yourself and the people you love 🙂

I know that a lot of people want to improve. Truth is, everybody can make desired shifts. However, in many cases the attempts fall flat and many of us can relate to being ”a starter” but never really fulfilling the journey to fully integrate change. Let me help you stay away from this and start integrating great shifts now.
If you want a little push along the way to implement the above steps, I’d love to hear from you and I’m here to listen!

Shoot me a quick email and answer this question: What’s your biggest struggle when it comes to work-life balance?

Use these exercises as often as you need to continue prioritizing your happy place. The world need more people taking action making everything even better, just like you do! Remember that every tiny step counts on the journey, I got your back!