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#012 Skyrocket your energy level

In the past I though energy just came to you. If you had it one day you would spend it by doing a lot of different things. If you didn’t have it one day you would just give in for the tiredness. I had no clue.


#008 Trade self doubt for self empowerment

Our self talk can be very mean, harsh and energy-draining. It’s often so, that we speak harder to ourselves than to another person. Ever payed attention to how the mean and critical thoughts in your head sounds? Many people don’t pay attention to the quality of their thoughts, many just obey them as truth. READ MORE.

#006 How to become more present in life

What does presence mean for you?Maybe it's crystal clear to you, maybe it's not. Let us go on a journey both to define the meaning of presence and also discover ways you can become more present in your life. READ more here.

#002 How to reach work life balance

Want to feel flow in work-life balance every single day?
In this article I will teach you my own three simple jet powerful ways to make time your best friend, so you can get rid of stress and enjoy a fully packed day with ease...READ more here

#001 Nr 1 Secret to collect courage

I’m so glad you’re here!When I think about the number one skill and resource I needed to make my complete transformation and carry on in life despite huge changes. There is one key point standing out: Courage....READ more here