#023 How to feel confident when in doubt

"Caroline, how did you feel so confident in THAT situation?" So this is a question I get a lot.

You know when you start paying attention to something you didn’t really think of before. Maybe someone asked you a question. Maybe you sat down and reflected and came to think of a specific situation or maybe you just ran into someone who needed help and you found giving that help easy and fun because you instantly KNEW what to do.

Realising things about ourselves can sometimes feel like a completely new world opens itself. I call this to have a, BREAKTHROUGH.

A breakthrough can happen at any time of the time. In an instant you become a little bit more wise about what you do, think and feel and you realise more about yourself that can help you grow.

When I speak from stage I usually get asked ”Caroline, how could you become so confident in the situation when you lost your leg?”

I know, this question is quite dramatic. But what this question did is that it took me to the place I just described to you, to the magic land of breakthroughs. As I started answering that question it became clear to me that I used a specific system so I could install confidence in moments of doubt and uncertainty.

A system

A system I later learned was frequently used in NLP (Neuro-Lingvistic-Prrogramming). What NLP actually means is, a set of methods and techniques to master your behaviours in order to achieve the results you are looking for.

It turned out, that the system I had used was a set of powerful questions to coach myself through a very tough situation.


First of all I had to identify my beliefs in the current moment using powerful questions


Secondly I started to doubt that holding on to these beliefs would give me any benefits



Thirdly, I started to change and implement new empowering beliefs taking essential action

Since learning this process, I use it every time I need a confidence-booster!

Do you want to know more specifically how to turn doubt into confidence and learn the process I used?

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