#22 What I did to get myself out of the hospital bed

I’m so excited that you are reading this because you are going to learn something really good and valuable right now!

Maybe you have already tried it before and if so, you can be curious on how well you actually can master this in your life right now.

Imagine yourself lying down and that your body is really really heavy, it’s barely impossible to move and you are so tired you could not even let your eyelids stay open. It’s dark around you, possibly rain and you can smell the thick air around you. Like if you had been out all night and gotten zero hours of sleep, add a headache and some pain to this moment too. You hear yourself thinking ”I am so tired and I can’t get up”. You feel defeated.

Okay, the purpose of this blogpost is not to paint a terrible picture :) Hang in with me here!

Now leave that situation in your mind and think of a new situation. Your body is light like butterflies in the sky, you hop and dance around or move like freedom has just entered your body. There are no limits to your joy, happiness and love in this moment. It’s light all around, possibly sunshine and many colours and you can smell the flowers around you. You feel a great appetite for life and in your mind you hear only ”there are so many possibilities right now”.

What’s the difference in feeling when you think of each of these situations?

Many people ask me ”Caroline, how could you get out of the hospital bed after an amputation so fast?”

Well, the answer is quite simple and surprising too many. I painted the situation I was in and the goal in my mind like situation number two. I created memories of the future and imagined myself already playing a golf tournament again, imagined myself already shopping food, clothes, being with my friends. All these goals that I had were all already happening from the hospital bed.

From an external eye you maybe couldn’t see a difference, but if you would have jumped into my body at that stage you would have felt it.

Sometimes we need to step into another persons pair of shoes to see the world like they do. This is also true for when you want to accomplish your goals, you need to step into your own future shoes!

If you want help with this and be guided through such a visualisation practice, make sure to download my visualisation guide here.

I’ll see you where your goals have been reached.