#021 Use the Perspective of time to thrive

Photo: Stefan von Stengel

The sky was cloudy, streets busy and I was running over the narrow street to the small Japanese restaurant. It was lunchtime and the streets were full of people ready to have an energising meal before returning to work.

It sounds like a pretty normal day, but in fact something dramatic was about to happen. Nobody could predict it. It was the calm before the storm. About 15 min after receiving my meal my plate jumped up in the air, the chair I sat on started to move like a professional dancer on the dance floor and the window next to me crashed. A loud noise filled the air, high buildings fell apart, busses fell, the ground opened itself and buildings on top of my Japanese restaurant came falling together. I had to run for my life.

During 15 seconds the most dramatic earthquake in 80 years hit the city of Christchurch. I was in the middle of that quake. It measured 6,3 on the richter scale and took nearly 200 people’s lives.

I had no clue that life would shake so much under my feet at an age of 22. I had no clue about that I in this moment received a big insight about the perspective of time.

Perspective of time

The perspective of time means becoming present in the moment. When you stop focusing on the past of the future and just focus your attention to this present moment, you are able to create from this place. You are able to take active decisions and you are able to be more efficient and cope with challenges.

The perspective of time is an incredible important factor when improving your personal development and creating the life you want to live.

Dr Joe Dispenza, an American neuroscientist, proves in his research that when we are present and focus on what we want and how we want to be in combination with feeling what he calls ”elevated emotions” (such as love, gratitude or joy), we are able to form new habits and build new neurological connections. When we practice this, we can also influence our heart rhythm to beat in coherence.

My experience of standing in the middle of the scattered streets of Christchurch and Dr Joe’s research just proves to me that working with our mindset in the present moment is the key to change.

Be in the present

The past may be filled with great experiences and I believe it is important to treasure them and learn from them. The future may be exciting and filled with possibilities. But the truth is that we can’t live anywhere else than here and now.

What you can do to thrive towards what you want is thinking, being and feeling like the person you expect to be in the future, but do it in the present moment. Become who you want to be right now. This is how you can use the perspective of time in a really powerful way to accomplish your goals.

Tip! Think of a typical four year old child who dreams about being the pirate on the ship, the professional soccer player or the famous singer. The child isn’t postponing the future when dreaming about this. The child is the pirate, the soccer player and the singer in this very moment.

Now it is your turn.

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