#020 This is what I did to improve myself massively

Every day I strive to become a better version of myself, do you do this too?

Some days may work out exactly in the way that you plan (or even better)! You’ve most likely experienced this too, that some days do not work out the way you planned them too. I struggled big time to cope with the days that didn’t go according to plan. How do you feel when you don’t get enough done or things didn’t go your way? I was frustrated and so un-fulfilled by this.

Something had to be done! I decided to restructure my days and add a morning practice every day. Aaaaaand I’m gonna tell you exactly what I did in this blogpost to improve myself massively.

Dr Joe Dispenza

Dr Joe Dispenza is a big role model of mine and a source of inspiration and empowerment when it comes to thought patterns, influence brain waves to lower stress and emotional control. He talks about the importance of Breaking the habit of being yourself and what specific practices you can do to do this.

If you want to change something in your life, you need to break your current pattern and create a new one. But before you can even do anything of this, you need to first become aware about what you already think, feel and do in the moments you want to change! It’s logical when talking about it in this way and it might be way harder in practice. You need to pay close attention to your patterns and become truly aware of what thoughts you are already thinking, what feelings are you default mode and how they impact you to behave in certain ways. It’s a work you can’t do in five minutes, it requires more investment. The great part of investing in getting to know the less great parts of yourself is that you will be able to change it! You will stop running away from postponing the change and feel fulfilment and happiness. I decided that the time was well invested to start this journey and go deeper.

It was time to start to pay FAR MORE attention on what’s going on inside of myself than outside of myself.

What did I do exactly?

I used a combination of Joe Dispenza’s theories combined with my own training in NLP and it became such a Powerful practice I will share with you now!

The practice

First I sat myself down in a nice and comfortable place at home. I silent my thoughts, closed my eyes and started to pay attention to my breath. I didn’t adjust or force my breath but just observed how it moved automatically through my body. I sit like this for a little while with the only purpose of arriving in the hear and now. Whenever there comes a thought ”you need to do this later”, ”Caroline don’t forget this” I let it pass by and come back to focus on my breath.

After a little while it is time to ask myself some questions and I start with ”When I feel frustrated after a day that hasn’t gone my way, what do I think in these moments?”

I locate a situation I can remember when I felt like this and start to watch it like I am watching a movie in my own mind. I observe myself in the movie and I observe the frustrating feeling. I notice what I think and how the thoughts sound like. This is an incredible important step in the practice. I need to become familiar with what and how the thoughts sounds so I can identify when they appear in my daily life and break the pattern immediately.

The purpose of the practice is not to indulge in bad situations I have previously experienced, it is only to observe (very important) and pay attention to the details. I need to see it, understand it so that I can release it and change it. Whenever a familiar thought, feeling or behaviour turns up in my daily life it is my job to make a conscious decision to think, feel or do something else to break the pattern.

Your turn

Now it’s your turn! Think of something that’s currently holding you back from performing your absolute best, be your absolute best version of yourself or identify something you’ve heard others say you could improve to ease your life. Start the practice every day following the steps. It doesn’t need to take more than 10 minutes to do this. Think of how you would like to think, act and feel instead. Start applying a new behaviour in your daily life.

I know it might be tricky to work with these practices yourself and it may feel great with a little support of someone checking in on you. If you feel this, allow me to be your coach! Schedule a ten minute free discovery call today to set up your first session. I’d love to hear from you!