#018 How to stay consistent when you lack motivation?

Photo: Emelie Spjuth Svärd

Many people rely on motivation as the fuel to stay consistent and doing the things in their life that lifts them up and brings them forward. Do you expect motivation to just show up daily? Or is motivation something you believe needs to be worked on so you can have it daily?

Motivation is a little bit like surfing on a great wave (I am not a surfer but I just imagine). Imagine that you paddel through the water lying on your surfboard ready to take on the wave that’s building up. You are excited and the sound from the powerful crystal clear water moves beneath you. You get ready and you jump up in the exact right moment. You find your stability instantly and you surf. It’s an incredible feeling being on top of that wave, getting speed and flow, playing with the water.

I have no idea if you are a surfer or if you even enjoy water. But let’s use this story just as a metaphor for how motivation is built up and how it feels to be on top of your energy level.

You know exactly what that feels like when you are fuelled from your toes up and I assume that you also had many moments in your life when this has happened.

Many people just expect to wake up motivated and if this doesn’t happen they complain and believe something they do must be wrong. What I’ve learned by believing this is that you constantly walk around feeling anything but great. A result of this is that many people lack the drive and hunger to stay consistent with habits that make their life great. So in a way, it turns into a negative spiral.

If you believe that motivation is something you work on and initiate as your fuel every single day, you will most likely experience that you are the one in control of things happening in your life. You are more in charge and you know how to light your inner fire, you know what you need to get going and you also know which thoughts and behaviour you should avoid.

So how to stay consistent even when you lack motivation?

Photo: Emelie Spjuth Svärd

There are different ways to lit up your fire (your motivation and passion!) so you can stay consistent!

Align your tasks to a greater purpose

When you realise that what you do every single day, even if it is just simple things, have a bigger meaning for you. You tend to increase motivation and stick with the daily tasks. Align tasks by asking yourself, when I do this - what does it allow me to do more of?

Don’t worry, the purpose of your task doesn’t need to have a big life-meaning! Take ”cleaning” as an example. The answer could simply be: ”because it helps me feel better in my work surrounding and with that I perform on a higher level, that’s why cleaning is important”.

There you go, you have aligned the task to a greater purpose and it helps you stay consistent!

Plan and execute an excellent morning routine

Planning a great routine for your morning sets you up in the best way possible and it helps you to get started with tasks and other things you need and want to do throughout your day. Make an easy but powerful and great plan you know that you can repeat over and over again every single day. There you go - you’ve set up an efficient way to get going right from the start!

Be present in the moment

There is nothing more important when it comes to consistency than to have focus and be present in the moment. Consistency is taking a decision to repeat a special circuit (with changes and flexibility of course) and in order to execute the tasks daily you need your focus to be here and now. Do one thing at a time, forget the past and the future for the moment and just focus on the here and now when you execute your tasks. You’ll possibly find them to be more fun than you expect!

Decide to show up and be consistent no matter what

Rain or shine! High or low! You are showing up. Take a decision today that no matter what happens you will show up to your very best potential and stay consistent. When the decision is made, there is no turning back!

I hope this blogpost helped or inspired you (or both) to stay consistent even when you lack motivation and if so, please share it with someone who would enjoy it as much as you do!