#017 How to build energy in the middle of a pandemic?

Many of us are still in full time home offices, some of us are going into the office part time and some are back full time. I can not know what the situation has been for you up until this point, but one thing is for sure. We are seeing the light in the tunnel. :)

Through my work as a coach and motivational speaker I meet many people who are tired and longing for some kind of normality, or at least to find a new normal where it’s possible to meet up in bigger groups, travel and do enjoyable things. So what’s fits better than writing a blogpost on this theme of energy?

Golf pro

In my previous life as a golf professional I had to practice long hours and stay patient for my progress to develop. I knew the facts. Showing up on tournaments would most likely mean to loose more than you win and the key for long term success was to build a resilient mind-muscle that could take me through the ups-and-downs of what professional sport include. In other words, I had to build energy for long term success.

Today I want to take the chance to translate three of my greatest insights of building energy from the world of golf and how you can translate it to your business and private life! (no worries, you do NOT have to be a golfer to enjoy this post)

Photo: Emelie Spjuth Svärd


One of the key elements on the golf course is to be able to leave bad shots behind as fast as you can so you can be ready for the next shot. If you can’t leave the bad shot and you carry on with the frustration it is going to affect the next shot. It’s important to arrive at your new position (where the ball lies) and instead of being angry of the lie, ask yourself: What opportunities do I have from here? What would happen in your life if you right now in your life looked at a situation that could feel better and asked yourself: What opportunities do I have today?

Your eyes and your mind will automatically start searching for solutions and ways that are possible, rather than what you can’t do. This contributes to more energy.


I’ve always been very keen on using my body in the correct way on the golf course, beside the golf clubs it is your most important tool for performing. This is natural to any athlete. Your body needs to be in a great balance, shape, strength to be able to perform the results you want. That’s why we train it day in and day out. One golf coach of mine once said ”an athlete is someone who can control their body in speed”. What many people who are not full time athletes forget is that their body also carries them through their day, contribute to their performance and how they feel. Do you want to feel more energetic? Motivated? What would you have to do with your body to feel more of this?

Prepare and work your body for the emotions you want to feel as much as you prepare your head with knowledge about the latest project. This supports you to be strong in any tough challenge and it unlocks your energy level rapidly!


Even tho golf is a ”lonely wolf sport”, it is one where you can’t succeed without your team or keep up your energy without external support. Together are stronger than one. Together can give much more than the lonely individual can do. As a speaker I talk about tough moments I’ve overcome and often people start to relate by telling their own stories, even tho they are completely different. We often forget that we are not alone and most people can relate to each other, even tho they have completely different experiences. Going through hardships and mostly a time right now where it is essential to be resilient, it is easier to keep this energy level sailing high when we make these strong connections and continue to support each other. Build your own team of people who you know and feel are there for you, you’ll feel so enriched and energized once you know you can bounce off ideas, struggle, challenges with them!

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