#015 Fast track yourself to success (and avoid pitfalls)

In my work as a coach it is my job to help my clients move from the limting beliefs holding them back to unleashing their enormous capabilities to create the life they love.

How to make the shift?

Of course there are millions of ways leading to success and I don’t know what works best for you. BUT if you are anything like my clients and have ever wondered how to make a successful change last over time WITHOUT bouncing back to old habits, I got something great for you!

The efficient model I use to move from A to B is called NOPRA FUN and it is created by my teachers in NLP, Magnus Kull and Kjell Enhager.

NOPRA FUN includes all the stages you need to become aware of your current state, to your plan, your dreams/goals, what’s stopping you, resources you have and what you need to act on. Because the magic isn’t just in Knowing where you’re at and where you wanna go, no it’s also about Acting aligned with it.

"I’m going to change this." You know when you are in that perfect state of mind where everything is clear to you. what you wanna do, where you wanna go. You’re at peace and ideas start flowing to you. You get out of your limiting space and reconnect to what’s important for you and you can feel how you are being super charged with fuel to act.

Can you begin to see how much more energy is accessible for you in these moments when you are perfectly aligned with your passion and motivated to make it happen?

In this blogpost I am going to teach you how to align yourself with your passion and purpose so that you can feel this energised about what you do, deal?


So let’s start by the famous ”N”, the Now. Where are you now? How is the situation right Now? What is good and what could be better right now?

Stating where you are brings presence and a bigger understanding of the current situation. A very important piece of the puzzle to know your foundation.


What do you wanna reach? What do you want to avoid? How do you know that you have reached your desired outcome? What will you see, hear and feel then?

The ”O” stands for Outcome, your desired outcome. The more clear this point is the easier it is to navigate to it. So the question is, what are you dreaming of?


Hey you! You are doing amazing work, let’s dive into the part which might feel a bit tricky. Problems. What is stopping you right now from reaching what you want? How are you stopping yourself?

You may wonder ”why do I need to focus on problems?” The truth is, we are not focusing on problems here, the only purpose is to become aware about what’s in your way so you can find a way around/through it!

The magic question to do this is: ”I know it is now possible, but if it was - how would you do it?”


Did anyone say Resources? Yes!!! What do you need to make this happen? What resources do you already have? How can you claim the resources?

Locating your resources should give you that extra spark and energy you need to avoid getting back into old habits. Here is where you truly can add what you need to achieve that goal of yours, go get em!


Knowledge is nothing without acting! What do you need to stop doing? What shall you continue to do? What shall you start doing?

Plan the action steps in your calendar! I promise it’s so much fun to realise the progress you are making!


Follow Up Now?

How do you wanna follow up that you have done the work you set out to do? Become your own accountability partner and don’t let this step slip by. It is as important as any previous one.

Follow these steps and let me know how it goes for you!