#014 Transform an obstacle to a possibility

When I tell my story from the stage I often get asked, ”Caroline, how did you go from two legged to one legged and still remain so happy?”

Lemme tell you how. I love to share my insights about this topic as it can help inspire you to tackle your challenges and transform them into possibilities. I want you to succeed beyond anything with all you encounter! I am not saying that my way is the only way, not at all! What I want is to inspire you and spark new insights and perspectives.

How I went from the two legged golf professional to the one legged motivational speaker was truly a transformational journey and it would be impossible to answer this question in a single sentence, but I’ll do my best! 


Have you ever thought ”this is going to be difficult”, but it turned out it was easier than you thought? I’m not saying losing a leg is easy, it is rather the opposite. But one thing is vital for how you experience a situation.

It is all about your MINDSET.

When I found out I had cancer I was FEARFUL, WORRIED and FRUSTRATED. My doctor even told me I wouldn’t survive this life threatening disease if I didn’t amputate my leg. Trust me if I say this was the hardest thing I had ever faced so far in my life. Nothing about it was easy.

Today I truly enjoy my life and would not change a single thing that happened. I like my new body, having one leg to me is natural and not an obstacle. I LOVE the things and people that have come into my life and I feel HAPPY about where I am (most of the time:), of course I have my ups and downs like anyone else!)

So, what were the keys for this transformation?

I learned that your mind can make you believe things are harder than they turn out to be. Your mind can make you believe something is easier for another person than it is for you.

The mind plays such a big role when it comes to experiencing a situation and how you feel about it.

When I started to work with my mind and attitude I realised that I could be feeling better when I thought better thoughts. What I wanted was: to be happy no matter what. Every time I thought a less good thought I asked myself, ”does this contribute to being happy no matter what?”. With this strategy I started to exchange less good thoughts for better ones and the quality of my thoughts increased!


Of course this wasn’t a job I could do in less than 24 hours but it was rather an ongoing process I have now worked on actively for the last 10 years. Most of the time it isn’t the physical obstacles that stay in our way for growth and success, it is our Mindset: the attitude towards something.

If you decided that something isn’t possible I’d like to ask you. What happens if you challenge this thought and become curious of how it would be if it was possible? What solutions/ways/strategies/idéas do you then see instead?

I’d love to know your insights and how this could help you! Send me a mail on mail@carolinemohr.eu and let me know! The first ten who send me an email will receive a free ”Focus of a winner” cheat sheet! To help you increase the quality of your thoughts even more!