#011 New Year - New You!

Do you know that you can actually have your life go on autopilot? 

If every day in your life goes on exactly like all the previous day’s of your past, with no shifts, no changes or added experiences, no new ideas or initiatives: you are projecting your past onto your future and life goes well … on autopilot.

But I know you don’t want that! I have a feeling you want more out of life than that. You have visions, dreams, desires and hopes. You want this place to be a better place, you want to feel alive, fulfilled and truly happy. What are your desires? What do you truly want?


2020 was like a loud alarm clock trying to wake you up from the famous hamster wheel, wake you up to the bigger questions because right now is exactly the right time. You do know it. Now is the time to go be that person you’ve always wanted, now is that chance to redesign what you do to truly fulfil your expectations, now is the time to re-choose your partner and ignite passion again (or find that one that you’ll feel this with!). Life isn’t supposed to go on autopilot anymore. It belongs to the past.

So, how to leave the past behind, live in the now and look forward to the future?

The most effective way to do this is actually made quite quickly. Don’t we all love easy fix tricks? :)


This is how I do this: I break old habits that belongs to my past (things I’ve done over and over again but that do not serve me) and interrupt their pattern by doing something unexpected. It may be that I slightly change something. I am totally a night owl and have a hard time getting up in the morning, so what I did instead of pushing on the snooze button. I got out on the other side of my bed! That small shift kept my mind awake and I paid attention to this new shift. I may sound like a ridiculously small action. Can this really help?

What you do is actually interrupting an old pattern that have kept you stuck in the same routine, but by changing and breaking it like this, I formed a new pattern in the Now instead.

Let’s say you would come home every day and complain about your long day, try instead to open the door to your home and celebrate what went good instead. Your mind will pay a lot of attention to this new shift and you would break the pattern of autopilot!
This can actually be really much fun and you can also be playful with it. Try it yourself! Instead of doing the same routine that doesn’t serve you, exchange it by doing something non-predictable! Surprise yourself.


2020 definitely came as a surprise and for many, this year have been very challenging. First I thought it was going to be my worst year as I first "lost" all my bookings, but I turned out to be wrong. It was a year full of realisations, building up my business online, doing virtual  events and creating more content for all of you! I’ve had my business for ten years now and have been mostly doing corporate events as a keynote speaker on conferences and so on. This year gave me a chance to shift my business and broaden my messages also to a wider audience. I can speak in Japan without jet lagging! How cool is that! Even this opportunity was actually there before the global pandemic, it wasn't on my scope like now. I am truly happy for that. As I am not travelling like the years before either (since all events are virtual!), this saves time so I took this opportunity to also build up my mental training business where I coach managers, entrepreneurs and students to live an extraordinary life.

Last but not least, I certified as an NLP Trainer (5 years of studying!) and started building my online course that will release 11th of January 2021! Plus I was featured in FORBES which is a dream of mine! (read the article here)

I'm not telling you this to brag around, I am telling you this to inspire you to take the leap and go for what you want, to stay focused on what you CAN do instead of what you CAN'T control. This power belongs to you and only you!

In any way, there is a chance we might connect further on and I’m so excited to welcome you as a student in my online course, on my live's and here on my blog to support and inspire you to take action to live the life of your dreams right now.


To start this journey, make sure you go to www.carolinemohr.com and download my free Power why guide right now to get started.

What do you take from this year?
What are you longing to create in 2021?

I wish you a sparkling New Years and the BEST start!