#009 A mistake I’ve made being scared and how you can avoid it

WARNING! This blog post is for anyone who loves the idea of avoiding mistakes and instead THRIVE more in life. You too know that mistakes happen and failure sometimes lurks around the corner, but hey! What if you could reduce the mistakes by taking some very smart actions? f you were more prepared and aware you could easy fast forward to the great choices instead. If that’s what you want, you’d definitely should continue reading this post! :)

When I first started to learn German I thought the words were very odd, sounded strange and I couldn’t make sense of the grammar. It was HARD and still is difficult. The motivation behind learning is to be able to have flawless conversations with my husband parents, grandma and also design and deliver great speeches.

Learning a new skill

Learning something new: a language, a skill, a habit or something else can be tricky and challenging at first. Sometimes it gets harder before it can get easier again. It’s the curve of development and natural when installing new capabilities. Learning something new can also be accompanied with fear of failure, or even fear of success, fear of making mistakes and overcoming doubts.

For years I was so scared of speaking German cause I didn’t want to make a fool out of myself. I didn’t want to sound weird or have people laugh at me. My friends and family are the best and the kindest people on earth, so laughing at me wouldn’t happen. But I was still scared and kept my mouth shut for the risk of embarrassment. I shut myself out of the conversations, couldn’t partake in the jokes and laughed second hand at what I tried to understand to be funny. In one way I knew everything would get better with time, at the same time I found the development terribly slow and my self confidence faced ground level.

Trapped in the Monkey Mind

I kept asking myself. How could I have survived an earthquake, cancer and battled big life threatening challenges with ”ease”, but don’t dare to speak German in front of my friends? The comparison may sound odd but the point is, the events in your past does not equal the future. What you have done and experienced in the past are a collection of great accomplishments and/or dramatic events. You collected a lot of knowledge from all your previous experiences. This information can help and support you in the present but what you had in the past does not equal the future. IN every moment there is a new decision to make, in every moment there is a new chance that folds wide open. The mistake I made was trying to surf on the wave of my previous accomplishments where I had been brave (many times!) as an excuse for not showing up in the present moment where I had a new chance to be brave. But no I was trapped in a Monkey Mind!

I thought I had done enough ”bravery” and since I considered these situations to be a bigger effort than speaking German, I became scared of failing not only others, but myself too. I didn’t want to risk mistakes and the potential risk of messing up my self image. I really had to take the stick out …

The battle was nowhere but inside my head.

”What will they think?” ”They expect me to have it all figured out” ”It’s embarrassing!”

Start even when you are not ready

It was a big mistake to let this go on for so long. I don’t shame myself for it today, but I realize it was a mistake I made. I shut myself out from conversations and felt really sad and lonely, unnecessary suffering! Truly I procrastinated my growth. After way to long I decided to start trying to speak, no matter how it sounded and no matter how many mistakes I would end up doing. I soon realized it brought me enormous growth, inclusion and great learning experiences. I’m writing this to help you prevent this to happen to you and I sincerely hope the story will create momentum for you to get going. Don’t stand in the way of your own potential!

Even if you do not master something to the fullest of your own expectations, or feel that you are not good enough to do it, do not make the same mistake I did. Go for it anyway even if you are not ”ready”, start doing it TODAY. There is truly no better day than today. Try it out! You will learn more as you go and experience more development as you allow yourself to get where you want to be.
Ready? 3…2…1… GO!

Bridging the gap of where you want, overcoming fear and start taking action can seem like a hustle and truly challenging. I know it and it is okey to feel like it’s tough! That’s why I am thinking of creating a digital course right now to help you with exactly this!

The digital course that can help

The idea of my digital course, you will go from feeling frustrated and undecided about not knowing what to do, to feeling crystal clear of what you want and make tough decisions easily and effortlessly. (without the lack of confidence)

It’s so exciting to be able to invite you to the journey and the registration for the course is coming up fast. Mark 11th of January 2021 in your calendar. I can’t wait for you to embark on the journey where I will be holding your hand (virtually:) through every step of the way helping you getting clear of what you want, crafting a bullet proof plan and make decisions for growth effortlessly with loads of confidence!

Registration will open up on the 11th of January! Until then, make sure you


Let’s do this!