#003 Spark more positiveness in your life

With the risk of entering a cliché area of just saying, ”Be Positive!” I will be cautious and address this topic from an authentic place. Honestly I believe many people paint the picture of being just positive means that you cut negative emotions out of your life. But do we really have to just stay positive or just stay negative? Wouldn’t it be so much easier not to label ourself as negative or positive?

A couple of years ago I travelled to USA to attend a Tony Robbins conference named Date With Destiny. If you don’t know who Tony Robbins is, I will tell you. He is one of the most famous coaches, strategist and business entrepreneur in the world. He has coached numerous presidents, world famous athletes and business owners for the last 4 decades. His conferences are a one of a kind (and a bit crazy). I arrived together in sunny Florida with 6000 other souls for the five day long conference that would start around 9 in the morning going all the way into early night hours (2 in the night!). Tony talks for roughly 11 hours in a row without breaks, the room is freezing cold and every 15 minutes loud disco music fills the air and we are all dancing wildly with A LOT of energy. Why?

To keep us focused on the task of growing into the person we are meant to be, or actually uncovering what we already are. Peeling off the layers of limiting beliefs that holds you back from growing, shining and being your true authentic self.

The cold room is to keep us alert. The dancing is to keep us moving creating energy and the long hours I believe are a way to show us it’s possible to train ourself to the person you want to be.

Anyway, I wasn’t going to dive deep into the conference by itself. Just wanted to give you an idea of what it is and what I did there. I know it might seem crazy and way to ”expressive” for the European natural way of attending conferences (especially if you are a European reading this), but truth is: the conference taught me a great life lesson I want to share with you today.

It’s possible to condition myself to the thoughts and emotions I want to have more of.

Mark that I am writing conditioning, meaning that I have to train myself to think and feel positive emotions in order to spark positiveness in my life. Since basically everything you already know and thought and felt in your life goes on repeat until you make the active choice to break the pattern and choose something else, it’s impossible to expect that positive thoughts and emotions will arrive to you effortlessly.

I know, it might feel like a hard truth. (But do not worry, I got a great tip for managing this!)

Last night I received a question from a woman asking me: How can you be so positive?
I was flattered by the question and responded immediately: Because I love to have fun in life!

Having fun in life is much more important that not having fun. Having fun means that I can find meaning and purpose, having fun means that EVERYTHING gets easier to deal with, also when I arrive at very tough situations. (Believe me, I do!)

So to actually spark positiveness in life it’s important to actively spend time with the thoughts giving you energy. Don’t focus on pushing the negative thoughts away, just highlight the positive ones and make them bigger consciously.

A quick strategy I use to highlight what I call my best friend thoughts is to respond to them.
So for the above example of my thought: ”I love to have fun in life!” I simply say: ”Oh, yes I love to have fun!”.

It’s that simple. Doing this very easy action I highlight that thought for myself and immediately start to condition my mindset in the direction: to have fun.

Start highlighting your positive thoughts and you will soon realize how you are in control of shaping your mindset to be a growing goldmine.