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Lifehacks as an amputee

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#015 Fast track yourself to success (and avoid pitfalls) 

Of course there are millions of ways leading to success and I don’t know what works best for you. BUT if you are anything like my clients and have ever wondered how to make a successful change last over time WITHOUT bouncing back to old habits, I got something great for you! READ MORE HERE

#014 Transform an obstacle to a possibility

When I tell my story from stage I often get asked, ”Caroline, how did you go from two legged to one legged and still remained so happy" Lemme tell you how. I love to share my insights about this topic as it can help inspire you to tackle your challenges and transform them into possibilities. READ MORE HERE

#013 How to win over that inner voice that says you can't

Who do you think you are? That inner voice, often called the inner critic is something that all of us deal with, but rarely talk about. In this blog post I’ll share with you my effective strategy to win the battle and start saying ”I can” instead of ”I can’t”. READ MORE HERE

#012 Skyrocket your energy level

In the past I though energy just came to you. If you had it one day you would spend it by doing a lot of different things. If you didn’t have it one day you would just give in for the tiredness. I had no clue.


#011 New Year - new you

Do you know that you can actually have your life go on autopilot? If every day in your life goes on exactly like all the previous day’s of your past, with no shifts: you are projecting your past onto your future and life goes well … on autopilot. But I know you don’t want that! I have a feeling you want more out of life than that. READ MORE HERE

#010 The art of paying it forward

It may seem cheesy or hard to grasp it by a few sentences. So please let me walk you to a first hand story of mine where I actually experienced this. WARNING: Goosebumps or chills may occur reading further! READ MORE HERE

#009 A mistake I've made and how you can avoid it

For years I was so scared of speaking German cause I didn’t want to make a fool out of myself. I didn’t want to sound weird or have people laugh at me. My friends and family are the best and the kindest people on earth, so laughing at me wouldn’t happen. But I was still scared and kept my mouth shut for the risk of embarrassment. I shut myself... READ MORE HERE

#008 Trade self doubt for self empowerment

Our self talk can be very mean, harsh and energy-draining. It’s often so, that we speak harder to ourselves than to another person. Ever payed attention to how the mean and critical thoughts in your head sounds? Many people don’t pay attention to the quality of their thoughts, many just obey them as truth. READ MORE.

#007 Why self worth is crucial when dating

Maybe this post comes unexpected to you? Honestly I never thought this morning I would sit down this afternoon and write a blogpost about dating! But yep - here we are and let’s get too this important topic! READ MORE HERE

#006 how to become more present in life

What does presence mean for you?Maybe it's crystal clear to you, maybe it's not. Let us go on a journey both to define the meaning of presence and also discover ways you can become more present in your life. READ more here.

#005 Can pressure be the true motivation?

I know it’s not healthy to run around all day being stressed over pressure. Building up long term pressure isn’t healthy either and cause major mental health issues. I am all about preventing that from happening by living in the moment, taking care of yourself and break bad patterns. READ MORE HERE

#004 Greats things about having one leg!

For all my life I never thought I would be using the word ”amputee”. As a matter of fact, I had trouble with using it even after I lost my leg. Not because I denied the fact or couldn’t cope with accepting my new situation and the loss of my leg. READ MORE HERE.

#003 Spark positiveness in your life

With the risk of entering a cliché area of just saying, ”Be Positive!” I will be cautious and address this topic from an authentic place. Honestly I believe many people paint the picture of being just positive means that you cut negative emotions out of your life. READ MORE HERE.

#002 How to reach work life balance

Want to feel flow in work-life balance every single day?
In this article I will teach you my own three simple jet powerful ways to make time your best friend, so you can get rid of stress and enjoy a fully packed day with ease...READ more here

#001 Nr 1 Secret to collect courage

I’m so glad you’re here!When I think about the number one skill and resource I needed to make my complete transformation and carry on in life despite huge changes. There is one key point standing out: Courage....READ more here

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