#013 How to win over that voice that says "you can't"

What?, do you think you can do that?

Who do you think you are?

You can’t do that!

Ever heard these phrases being played in your head? Maybe you heard it from someone else or remember a time in your life when it felt like this. I will get real here. Our inner voice can sometimes sound very mean and harsh.

That inner voice, often called the inner critic is something that all of us deal with, but rarely talk about. But in this blog post I’ll share with you my effective strategy to win the battle and start saying ”I can” instead of ”I can’t”.


The inner critic has it’s own way of expressing itself, it may sound a little different depending on your history and your overall mental state. if you’ve been brought up in a surrounding with more doubt, fear and worry. You are most likely familiar with more words around these emotions. The inner critic may have existed your whole life, or it may have been more present at times. The most important however, independently from your history and what you’ve been going through is to know how to deal with your inner critic today.

So in order to start this work, make sure to identify the voice of your inner critic


Identify when it appears and is more present by asking yourself:

How does it sound?

Does it appear more from one side?


The next step is simply to ask yourself ”What positive intention does my inner critic have?” What is it trying to help you with?

Explore this perspective and help yourself realise that all you do is with a positive intention, you may already see the reason why this inner critic is active right now. Does the inner critic want to help you stay away from being disappointed? Does it want you to avoid making a mistake, failure or get embarrassed?


Identify and acknowledge the positive intention behind the action of your inner critic. It doesn't want to harm you, rather protect you. But as the strategy isn't helping you at this moment it is now time to rethink what you could say to yourself instead. With this positive intention in mind you can now decide, if my inner critic would say something else which is empowering, supportive and helps me forward. What would it say instead?

Write it down for yourself :)