#012 Skyrocket your energy!

In the past I thought energy just came to you. One day you just have it and would spend it by doing a lot of different things. If you didn’t have energy one day you would just give in for the tiredness.

I really had no clue.

As an elite athlete (in my former days:) I always had to push and motivate myself every day to stay focused and keep working for my goal. In sport, consistency is key to get to the desired outcome. It was challenging to stay consistent when the weather outside was really bad and I needed to go out and play to work on my ball striking. It was challenging when it felt like all energy was gone and I rather wanted to choose the comfortable sofa and Netflix instead of hours on the range working on my swing. It was challenging to keep lifting heavy weights when another spinning class looked like more fun.

I had to create energy, focus and motivation even from these moments. I tried my best to create it, but wasn’t really good at it until I found out about resourceful states.

What are resourceful states?

A resourceful state is when you feel an empowering feeling, aligned with a great thought and have a strong body posture. To me today, this is the best way to skyrocket my energy.

Energy is something you create. If you are feeling tired, is it because you’ve done too much? Or have you done too little?

After a lazy day on the couch on a Sunday I definitely find myself more tired than I was before lying down on the sofa. Sure, lying down is resting but it is not creating energy. You got to do something to create energy. I don’t mean you have to be super active, it may be enough with shifting your focus, meditate or go for a run.

My simple list of things that I do to amp up my energy level. This list might support you and I truly encourage you to try out some of these techniques.

  • Pay attention to what you have in life and with every thing you point out, feel how grateful you are and how happy it makes you
  • Look in the back mirror. Notice your progress, what do you know today that you didn’t know a few years back?
  • Go out and spend time in nature, take full breaths and imagine you filling your system with energy.
  • Meditate. What? Can slowing down bring you more energy? Yes it can. If you go through an energetic meditation and focus your thoughts you will get back refreshed and with new energy.
  • Invest in self care and plan in ”recharging” hours with intention every week
  • Laugh a lot! (watch a really funny movie, spend time with fun friends and make sure you’ll give input for a fun moment!)
  • Have a power nap for maximum 20 minutes (set an alarm so you won’t oversleep and feel groggy)
  • Put on your favourite song and dance around!
  • Go exercising - this might sound weird if you are already tired but trust me, moving your body is GOLD worth to amp up your energy level.

I hope these easy and simple tips can get you the level of energy you need for today!

Which ones will you try?

Please let me know!