#005 Can pressure be the true motivation?

6 November 2020

I know it’s not healthy to run around all day being stressed over pressure. Building up long term pressure isn’t healthy either and cause major mental health issues. I am all about preventing that from happening by living in the moment, taking care of yourself and break bad patterns.

So let me explain what I mean with the above title.

I have been working with creating motivation for nearly ten years. l love the word and I love the effect it gives, the rush of excitement and the power to do actions that are hard. But the truth is,

I am not really that Motivated myself.


I know, spoiler alert big time! So let’s break this down for a moment. To be motivated means to go for something, to create, to reach and achieve your goals. I love goals and to grow. But the way for me to reach my goals, achieve my dreams and grow big time is usually not through being motivated, but being threativated.

You might be thinking, - okey what does that mean?

That simply means you are more motivated by what you can avoid and problems you can solve. Let me make an example.

When you were a kid you most likely went to school, did you?
So before a test: did you study months in advance and planned your every move to build the best conditions to succeed? OR did you start studying when it was actually way too late, spent evenings and nights trying to learn just so you could succeed?
If you recognize yourself in the second example, you are most probably more Threativated. When the pressure was on, you did it. Why? Because you wanted to avoid failing at the test!, You wanted to get rid of embarrassment by being called out as failing.
Meanwhile if you recognized yourself in the first example of planning ahead just so you could build the best conditions to succeed, you are most likely more Motivated.

Picture from unsplash

See my point?
All of us actually have a mixture of Motivation and Threativation in us. Depending on the situation we are more likely to want to CREATE things or AVOID things. But they essentially lead to the same target, the goal. So none of them are actually better than the other, they are just different and to me it has been a major key in my life to know if I am more Motivated or Threativated.

If I know the patterns of my own actions and my own thinking, I am in a much better position to break the patterns that aren’t serving me and replace them with something better. That’s the way I found is the best and most effective way to grow.
I learned the word Threativated from a teacher of mine, Kjell Enhager. He explained this theory to me a couple of years ago and since then I have found it so valuable in my life because of what I can do with it!

How to know if you are more Motivated or Threativated?

I created an easy test you can take below to find out in which areas you tend to be more motivated or threativated. (PS, this is an over view test only and you would need to go more in depth of each area to define your pattern)

Answer the questions with the answer that feels most close to your answer:
Why is your job important?
Because I can pay my bills (and serve my family)
Because I can be creative and grow

Why is your private life important?
So I can keep the balance in my life
So I can do the things I want

Why is your health important?
It prevents me from getting sick
It gives me more energy and a better immune system

Why are good relationships important?
So I can stay away from bad relationship
Because they attract more joy of life!

Why is communication important?
To avoid misunderstanding
To reach coherence and understanding

Count the amount of 1’s and 2’s and sum up.

1’s:_____ 2’s:_____

So if you had 2’s means you are more Motivated within that area and in order to raise your motivation you should simply include these key words in your language as you speak to yourself: What to Create, Build, Want, Get, Achieve, Attract and Go for. Your system will recognize your power words and you are more likely to thrive towards your goal.

But remember, not everybody around you use the same type of words to get motivated for a goal. If you have more 1’s you can relate, which means you are more threativated (me included) and keywords you need to use are: What we don’t want is, Avoid, Solute, Keep away from, Prevent and present a Problem/Difficulties to solute.

So yes, pressure can definitely function as a great Motivation, maybe even a little bit more for the Threativated people ;)

Ps. Accountable challenge for the week, let me know in which pattern you found yourself in! Can’t wait to hear from you!